Articque Map

Articque Map makes it easy to geo-analyse business data with intuitive mapping and analytical tools. Integrate Articque Map into your Qlik dashboards to enhance your business decision making process!

Fast Navigation

With Articque Map your maps are dynamic, interactive, and fluid. The access to information is immediate.

Agile Extension

Articque Map is the integration of a simple and powerful cartographical extension to Qlik. Your map is just like any other Qlik dashboard object.

A Powerful Geo-BI Tool

Visualize your data on a map to reveal hidden facts that charts and graphs just can’t expose. It allows you to include location based data (GPS, City Names, Street Names, States etc) into your QlikView or Qlik Sense applications and turn it into a rich, interactive visual.

Ease of Installation

With Articque Map, there is no need for a GIS server to be installed and configured. It is simply a simple Qlik extension.