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    Members directory and profiles are visible to logged in members only. As a member, you can manage your profile privacy. The following are the options available in your profile privacy settings page.

    • List in members directory? If you select No, You won’t be listed in the members directory.
    • List in member search? If you select No, You won’t be listed in the directory searches but you may be visible in the directory based on the setting above.
    • Allow members to send me friend request? No one will be able to add you as friend if you select No.
    • Would you like to hide your last active time? Hiding last active time will affect your visibility in directory and other places.
    • Who can see your profile?

    Please note that you can also manage your email notifications.

    You can access your Profile Privacy, Email notifications and other settings by simply accessing your profile (via the top right corner of the website).

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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